A lose-lose situation

I wrote to a fellow blogger today with the following gripe.  Thinking about it further I thought I’d put it on here and see if anyone had anything to add, apart from “tough titty l’il kitty” maybe.

The pitfalls of blogging: You can’t use the blog as a ‘published’ credit on your writing resume but you can’t submit work to competitions that has been ‘published’ on your blog. I’m sure there’s logic in there somewhere but…

My reasoning is that a blog, irrespective of whether it has 5 followers or 5000, makes available for public viewing a piece of work.  More so if that blog post then receives feedback – proof in black and white that someone has read it.  However the reasoning against is that editors/agents are usually looking for evidence that other editors/agents have rated your writing highly enough to publish it.

So, where does that leave your blog post?  Unless you are lucky enough to have had an editor or agent knocking on your door to use it why can it not then be used as a submission to a competition.  Maybe the Swiss sunshine has gone to my head but I’m darned if I can figure it out.

Thoughts anyone?

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