New Year. New tan. New inspiration?

Firstly, happy New Year to everyone.

Personally, this time round was a fairly painless experience – in bed by 2.00am, no hangover the next day, just the headache of suitcase-packing for a week in Capo Verde.  Great time, great weather, a tan (don’t know how long that’ll last in a Lugano winter…) and new ideas for the coming you.  Not resolutions; plans.

With resolutions you have to be, well, resolute I suppose.  As I cannot be sure how my plans will turn out, as some of them are out of my hands, I cannot be resolute about them, can I?

Here however are a few ideas to go along with:

  1. Strengthen the bonds with the most important people in my life;
  2. Worry less about the people who aren’t in that category;
  3. Study and obtain the CELTA teaching English as a foreign language teaching certificate (process initiated);
  4. Sell / publish some writing (as blogging doesn’t count as published).

With 1 & 2, that’s a purely personal thing, however if anyone is interested then I’ll update on 3 & 4 as I go, especially if there’s anyone out there with the same intentions and especially, especially if there’s anyone out there who has taken or is taking the CELTA certificate.

Till the next time, adios y buen año.