Dear Reader,

Thanks for taking the time to pop by. I initially started this blog ( just to air a few thoughts but the more I discovered the blog, the more encouraging it became. I’d started publishing a few written pieces, for my satisfaction of putting them somewhere (for now)… however, if you enjoy them too then I’ll be happier still…

This has now become a writing-related blog: and you can read the posts on the site’s home page. The page shows the introduction to the most recent entry then if you click on ‘Continue reading’, you’ll see the full item then underneath (between my mini biography and ‘Discussion’ panel… I’d love to hear your comments), you’ll see links to the previous posts. If you enjoy reading short stories, you’ll find my pieces (mostly flash fiction) here and poetry here.

So, this blog will contain non-writing posts and I hope you enjoy reading both.

Then when you’ve done all that, you can contact me and / or follow me on Twitter.




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